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Trusted Advice

Honest, unbiased advice can feel rare... not at AVR.

AVR was founded in 2002 on a belief that our clients deserve the best possible solution and service, whether this is from our existing partnerships or through our research of new and emerging technologies. This means that when we make a suggestion, you know you can trust it.

We pride ourselves on our extensive – and ever growing – partner eco-system, developed over 12 years of adapting this flexible approach. Ranging from niche providers to market-leading solutions, our network gives us a unique market understanding and makes us perfectly positioned to always deliver a trusted solution which meets your needs.

Expert Understanding

Our experience in MDM and Enterprise Mobility Management is second to none.

Embracing new developments and innovations is simply part of the culture here at AVR. The result is a specialist team of early-adopters that have more collective experience of MDM and Enterprise Mobility Management than you will find anywhere else.

What this means? We get it. We really do. We understand you probably have more than one challenge to overcome, more than one goal, and therefore might need more than one solution. Our speciality lies in fitting it all together; making sense of your situation and giving you the tools you need to achieve your vision.

Innovative Vision

Entrust your strategy to AVR; we’re here to help you build your future.

Here at AVR we are problem solvers, but we are also strategists. We believe you can’t be one without the other and pride ourselves on being exceptionally good at both. To help you achieve your vision, our team of specialists always has one eye on the challenge you are facing now, and one on innovative solutions to enhance your business in the future.

To stay ahead in the worlds of IT Security and Enterprise Mobility Management means you can’t rest even for a minute. Luckily for you, when you work with AVR you can rest – safe in the knowledge that we never stop.

Bespoke Solutions

The age of one-size fits all is dead: Welcome to the future

As Enterprise Mobility and Mobile Device Management plays an ever larger and more complex role in your business and IT architecture it’s only natural that you start to need more bespoke solutions to achieve your goals than an off-the-shelf product can offer.

At AVR we specialise in combining solutions from many different vendors all in one environment: it’s about systems integration, not selling a product. From standard services such as email, contacts and calendar access to tailor made applications and point-of-sale enhancement, you can rely on AVR to meet your mobility needs and exceed your expectations.

How We Can Help

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